Bike Beans Website is Live

13 Jun 2012

Welcome to the new Bike Beans Cycle Cafe website. Join our growing community of friends, keep up with what's new @ Bike Beans, take part in Bike Beans rides, challanges and more...

Here's what you can do online

Get Info
Read all about Bike Beans, our food, drink, people, services  and how to find us!

Find Bike Beans events & rides
Bike Beans organises regular weekly rides through Surrey's amazing cycling countryside catering for all abilities that start and end at the Cafe.

Take the Bike Beans challenge
Fancy yourself against Cav? Take up the Bike Beans Olympic road race challenge and get on our leaderboard

Log your cycling & share routes
Why not join the Bike Beans team, log your cycling activities, set yourself a goal, plot and share local routes

Fancy a chat, but can't make it down to the CafeNo problem, have a chat in our cyber Cafe...

Become our Friend!

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