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Events Calendar

How can I add an event?
This function is only available to members if your website administrator has chosen to allow members to add events. Login, click on the Events link that can be found on your sites main navigation bar. Click on Add Event and start by filling in basic information including event name, date, start time and type of event. You can also add in a specific event image and a description of the event.

Next, chose whether to merely add a map location to this event or create/add a full event route map (adding a full route will also enable the distance fields to be pre-populated). In both cases, the event location field will also pre-populate with some location information; you can then add/over-ride this information.

Finally, you can choose to add in advanced information including more details on the event AND event organizer/entry information.

Can I repeat an event?
If an event is part of a series, when you add the first event, fill in the advanced series field at the bottom of the page. For example type in Repeat every 7 days for the next 4 weeks to have the event appear weekly for the next 4 weeks. When you click save, all four events will be added in one go.

Alternatively, once you have created an event, you can click on the clone link to create a copy of the event. This is a great time-saving function where there are multiple versions of an event with for example different distances – now all you need to do is edit the distance field in the cloned event.

How can I find an event?
Click on the Events link that can be found on your sites main navigation bar. You can search for an event in either Map View or List View filtering the events that are displayed by changing the date range and selecting which sport and type of event you are searching for. Alternatively, you can search for an event by typing in the name of an event you are looking for.

Under Map View you can also click into the interactive cluster map itself, zooming into events in a particular geographic location.

Under List View events are by default listed in date order. You can re-sort the list so that they either display events by most attending or latest added.

How can I find just my events?
Login, click on the Events link that can be found on your sites main navigation bar. You can search for the events you have added or are attending in Map View or List View by selecting My Events in the “show me” filter.

How can I indicate am attending an event?
Once you have found an event you wish to attend, if you are logged into the site (see Login FAQ under General), click on the Attend This Event link. This action will add your avatar (profile image) to the event so that other users can see you are attending. It will also mean that the event will be listed under My Events.

How can I enter an event online?
Some users who have added events will have included a link to the Race Promoters website where you can enter an event online. Other users may have included information on how to enter an event by post, telephone etc.