Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I join a challenge?
If your website is using our challenges feature, click on the challenges link you will typically find in your website’s main menu bar. To join in on a challenge - You’ll need to be logged in to do this – simply view the challenge in question and then click on the Join button. Once you have joined a challenge, you can click on the Leave button to leave it.

How do my activities get added to a challenge leaderboard?
Once you have joined a challenge your activities are automatically added to the challenge leaderboard as soon as you have added/uploaded an activity into your training log (please refer to training log FAQ’s)

How do I create a challenge?
If your website administrator has allowed members to create a challenge, once you are logged in, go to the challenges section and click on the Add button.

Tip: Before you add a challenge, write a short description of your challenge, prepare a challenge image (this needs to be a square – typically 500 pixels wide x 500 pixels high, decide on the challenge duration (start date / end date) and the type of challenge you want to create. There are two types of challenge you can create by selecting the following group types:

  • Challenges – these include, total distance, longest distance, climbing, total hours, total activities, fastest activities.
  • Virtual races – You can select up-to three different race distances.

Select the type of challenge you want to create and fill in the fields that are relevant to you. You can create challenge goals and upload achievement badge images (e.g. bronze, silver and gold) and completion certificates (by way of uploading a pdf).

How do challenges work?
Once a challenge has been created, members can join the challenge (see the above FAQ). Members then upload their activities by Midnight GMT on the last day of the challenge and can keep checking the group for leaderboard updates and to find out which member tops the podium

Challenge Terms & Conditions - By joining a challenge, you acknowledge and accept that it will entail physically challenging activities and some of the techniques featured in the challenge may be suitable for advanced cyclists only. Individuals participating in the challenge do so at their own risk and anyone under the age of 18 should be supervised by a responsible adult. Participants must seek medical advice if they have any injuries or medical conditions. Protective clothing and helmet should be worn at all times. Participants must obey all traffic controls and signage whilst undertaking the challenge and are solely responsible for ensuring that they comply with all applicable traffic laws. To the fullest extent permitted by law, your website administrator and TDL Digital Limited exclude any and all liability to participants or any third parties arising out of or in connection with an individual’s participation in this challenge. Your website administrator reserves the right to query or ignore any entries that it believes contain falsified data.

How do virtual races work?
They work in the same way as challenges except that members must cover one or more of the specified race distances and by the end of the challenge have completed all race distances to get a time on the race leaderboard. If a member completes a longer distance than the specified race distance our computer system will calculate what your race distance time would have been. So, for example, if you log 100 miles completed in 500 mins, your 50 mile time will be calculated as 250 mins. This is the time that will be displayed in the race leaderboard.