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07 Jun 2012

Bike Beans Cycle Cafe offer a unique, high quality, customer focussed servicing & repair of any type of bike. The Cycle Cafe has partnered with Jon Budd who has been running his own mobile cycle mechanics business 'WeFixAnyBike' for the last 3 years. Jon has previously worked repairing bikes in various bike shops.It's fair to say Jon has been fixing bikes since he was a boy and it's a real passion of his! He is Cytech level 1 & 2 qualified.

Like Bike Beans Cycle Cafe, Jon values customer service,quality and convenience above everything else. Drop your bike at the cafe and we'll do the will even come back clean!

Service menu

General Service - £50.00 + parts.

Child's Bike (with gears up to 24in wheel) General Service £40.00 + parts

Young Child's Bike or BMX (no gears) General Service - £25.00 + parts

Bike set up for individual rider
-Pump up tyres to correct pressure, access tyre condition
-Check wheel trueness
-Check wheel hub bearings
-Check bottom bracket
-Check headset
-Check for drivetrain wear
-Clean & lubricate drivetrain
-Clean & lubricate brake and gear cables
-Check & adjust brakes
-Check & adjust gears
-Check correct torque of all nuts and bolts
- A written report of works carried out and any advisories

Full, premium service - £90.00 + parts
Complete strip down to frame, clean, re-grease components, bottom bracket faced and
-chased if necessary
-Full bike valet (including polish)
-Check on every component
-Brake service
-Gear service
-Wheels tensioned and trued
-Full torque check of every nut & bolt
- A written report of works carried out and any advisories

New Bike Assembly - £25.00
Check tyre pressures
-Tighten all nuts and bolts to correct torque
-Set up brakes and gears
-Where necessary set suspension correctly for rider

First Service ( for a bike that is 4 - 8 weeks old) - £25.00
-Check tyre pressures
-Check all nuts and bolts are tight
-Any adjustment to gears and brakes as necessary

Full inspection & assessment

The bicycle M.O.T. We will give you cycle a thorough inspection and give you a full written report of our finding's. We will also quote where necessary for any work that is needed.

Full bike valet - £20.00

Thorough clean, degrease & re-lubrication - All components cleaned, degreased & re-lubricated as necessary, also the frame is cleaned and polished. After the bicycle is thoroughly cleaned we will inform you of anything we find that requires attention)

Custom Build - £100.00

New frame faced and reamed as necessary
-Bike assembled to BS6102 PT1 2009
-Anti-seize and grease applied to all necessary components
-All components torqued to manufacturers specifications
-Bike set-up for individual Rider
Any advice needed for you to create that dream bike, to your personal specification

Repairs - £25.00/hr



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