Bike Beans Ride Voucher

18 Mar 2016

Bike Beans Cycle Café / Club Bike Beans £5 Voucher

Terms and Conditions of Use

The Café means Bike Beans Cycle Café LLP
The Club means Club Bike Beans
Both of 5b Rectory Lane, Ashtead, Surrey KT21 2BA

The Voucher is similar in design to that shown below.  The “redeem by” date may differ to that shown.



The Voucher can be used for food, drinks or products sold in the Café except as described below.

The Voucher must be used by the “must be redeemed date” shown on the Voucher.  After this date the Voucher has no value.  No refund will be given against an unused Voucher.

The Voucher cannot be redeemed against Club membership or any Club related merchandise or services.

The Voucher cannot be redeemed against bike servicing or goods/services provided by any of the Café or Club’s affiliates or partner companies and organisations.

No change will be given against any remaining value of the Voucher following a transaction.




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Rules and Constitution

Club Bike Beans Constitution