Rules and Constitution

24 Feb 2016

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Rules & Constitution

Adopted February 2016

As a member of Club Bike Beans you have agreed to abide by the Rules and Constitution of the Club.

In these definitions, as appropriate, the masculine includes the feminine and the singular includes the plural.
Café: Bike Beans Cycle Café LLP, Rectory Lane, Ashtead, Surrey KT21 2BA.
Challenge: A specific cycling activity defined by the Club to be ridden individually or as part of a group.
Club: Club Bike Beans.
Constitution: This document comprising the constitution and rules of the Club.
Member: An individual who has paid his/her membership Fee at the point of time in question. A Member is different to and has more rights within the Club than a Temporary Member.
Fee: The amount appropriate to the individual Member and his/her time of joining and as published from time to time on the Website.
Owner: The proprietor of the Café.
Panel: A group of Members elected to guide the management of the Club consisting as a minimum the offices of a chairperson, a treasurer, a secretary and a minimum of two lay Members.
Ride Guide: A more experienced cyclist taking part in a Ride on behalf of the Members in order to provide a route for the Ride.
Ride Rules & Guidance:
the detailed guidance and requirements for any person on a Ride which are published from time to time on the Website.
Rides: Cycle rides organised by the Club – generally, though not necessarily, starting from the Café and provided with a Ride Guide.
Ride Voucher: A receipt for payment to the Café entitling the holder to food, drink, products from the Café to the value indicated.
Member: An individual who has been invited to join a Ride and who has purchased the appropriate Ride Voucher.
Website: The Café website which can be accessed at

1. Aims and Objectives
1.1 The Club shall operate as a club on a not-for-profit basis. Membership shall be open to all, regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs. The Club may however decline membership in accordance with this constitution.
1.2 The object of the Club shall be to encourage community cycling and to provide a relaxed and/or competitive environment according to the tastes of its individual members. The Club has an enduring link to and also provides a source of revenue to the Café, helping it to prosper and enabling it to offer subsidies and services to Members and provide a greater encouragement to the cycling community.
1.3 The Club is intrinsically linked to Café’s business and shall not do anything to damage either directly or indirectly the interests of that business. The Owner shall become and remain a Member and shall reserve the right of veto over changes to the Constitution which prejudice his/her legitimate business interests with regard to the Café. Furthermore this paragraph may not be changed by the Panel or the Members and shall remain in all future versions of the Constitution or in any replacements to the Constitution unless removed with the written permission of the Owner.
1.4 The Club will enter into an agreement with the Owner with regard to the relationship between the Club and the Café with regard to certain commercial matters, dealing with such matters as amounts payable to the Cafe by the Club from the Fees and use by the Club of logos and other artwork of the Cafe/Owner on its apparel and other. The terms of the relationship between the Club and the Cafe are set out in the Appendix to these Rules.
2. Membership
2.1 A person shall be a Member of the Club from such date as he/she shall have paid their Fee until the next 31 March. A rider may join Club rides as a Temporary Member on purchase of a Ride Voucher, but his/her membership shall only be for the duration of that Ride and he/she shall not be a voting Member for the purposes of these Rules and shall not enjoy any of the other benefits of membership described herein or on any other Club related material or publications (save as provided by the terms of any Ride Voucher).
2.2 Each Member and each Temporary Members shall be expected to follow the Ride Rules & Guidance and are strongly recommended to hold third party liability insurance. Any Member or Temporary Member may be required to leave a Ride if they are unable or unwilling to follow the Ride Rules & Guidance and may have their membership withdrawn by the Panel for continuing or repeated breaches of the Ride Rules & Guidance. All Fees paid are not refundable or repayable if membership is so withdrawn. Any Member whose membership is to be withdrawn by the Panel will be given an opportunity to address the Panel prior to membership being withdrawn.
2.3 The Club membership year runs from 1 April to 31st March. A Member may join at any point during the year upon payment of the Fee specified for membership at any such time on the Website. Each Member must apply for readmission to the Club at the end of each year in the manner prescribed by the Panel.
2.4 The Club strongly recommends that members hold third party liability insurance either through of British Cycling - at a minimum membership level of Ride, Silver or Gold - or through a suitable alternative organization.
2.5 Membership of the Club shall entitle Members access to a number of benefits published from time to time on the Website. These benefits may vary during the membership year and continued availability of all or any of the benefits provided by any party other than the Cafe/Owner are not guaranteed and may be withdrawn at any time by the third party providing such benefit.
2.6 Members may gain exclusive access to various events organized by the Club. Some of these will attract additional charges over and above the Fee and such charges will be payable on the basis arranged for each event.
2.7 Any Member may resign their membership of the Club at any time, but no Fees will be refunded in the event of any such resignation.
2.8 All Fees will be used for the purposes of the Club, including payment to the Cafe/Owner.
3. Management
3.1 The Club will hold an Annual General Meeting each year at a date to be determined by the panel. Until the first Annual General Meeting, which shall be held as soon as practical after 1st April 2016 and in any event before 1st June 2016, the Panel will consist of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Ride Secretary and two Lay Members, one of which shall be the Owner. The above named Panel has been nominated by the Owner. The agenda of this first Annual General Meeting will include motions to vote on the election/re-election of each of the members of this Panel or alternative member(s) of the Panel, including a Social Secretary and any other members deemed necessary to support the stated objectives of the Club.
3.2 The officers of the Panel (except the Owner) shall thereafter be elected at each Annual General Meeting and shall retire at the next A.G.M. Officers may seek election to and serve in concurrent years but shall serve for no more than 5 concurrent years.
3.3 Any officer of the Panel may be voted out of his post at any time by resolution passed by the Club in General Meeting. A member of the Panel may resign at any time, in which case the Owner shall be entitled to nominate a replacement member to hold office until the next AGM.
3.4 The Secretary shall be empowered to convene the Panel whenever he thinks fit and shall be obliged to do so upon request of any other officer.
3.5 Reasonable notice of each Panel meeting shall be given to every accessible officer verbally, by post or any other effective means. For all Panel meetings three officers shall form a quorum and the Chairman shall be entitled to a casting vote.
3.6 Within two months of the end of the Club financial year, the Panel shall call an Annual General Meeting at which the Panel shall present its report and at which the Panel elections shall take place, along with any other Club business.
3.7 The Panel may as it thinks fit call an Extraordinary General Meeting of Members at any other time, and shall be obliged to do so upon the written request of ten Members. Reasonable notice of each Extraordinary General Meeting shall be given to every accessible Member by post, electronic message, verbally or by any other effective means. Notice shall also be posted in the Café.
3.8 For all General Meetings, eleven Members shall form a quorum.
3.9 If no quorum has been attained within half an hour of the appointed time, the meeting shall be reconvened by the Panel at a later time, at which the quorum shall be at least 5 Members.
3.10 Voting shall be by a show of hands unless the Chairman stipulates another method, and the Chairman shall be entitled to a casting vote.
3.11 All decisions shall be decided by a simple majority of votes, except for the amendment or replacement of the Constitution.
3.12 The Constitution may be amended or replaced only by a fifty-five percent majority of votes cast at an A.G.M. or E.G.M, and any changes in Rules shall be expressly stated in the notice convening the meeting. The Owner has certain rights to veto changes to the Constitution, see paragraph 1 above.
3.13 The Club may be dissolved by a resolution passed by a majority of members present and voting at a Special Meeting convened for the purpose.
3.14 No member of the Panel, nor any of the ordinary membership, shall receive remuneration from the Club – in money or monies worth – with the exception of:
out of pocket expenses and Ride Guides who shall be properly equipped to fulfill their function. The Cafe and the Owner are entitled to certain payments from the Club from Fees as agreed from time to time with the Panel.
3.15 A prospective Member shall apply for membership in the first instance to the Panel, which must notify the applicant of its decision within one month of application. A
3.16 The Owner shall take out and maintain a minimum of £5 million liability insurance to cover the Panel and any members properly requested by the Panel to be involved in the activities of the Panel against any claim for damages, injury or death relating to the activities of the Club.
4. Ride Rules
4.1 Each Member will abide by the Ride Rules & Guidance.
4.2 A Member shall sign and abide by the Ride Disclaimer provided by the Club.
4.3 Each Member on a Ride is responsible for the maintenance of their bike and its safety. The Club accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to any bike or other personal equipment.
4.4 Correctly fitting helmets are compulsory during Rides. A Member or Temporary member will not be permitted to join a Ride without a helmet.
4.5 Each member will comply with the reasonable requirements of any Ride Guide when on a Ride.
Signed by the Secretary

Relationship with Cafe/Owner
• 60% of all Fees shall be paid to the Cafe as payment of rent for the use of the Cafe premises.
• The Club shall be entitled to the use of certain artwork, logos and other trademark/copyright materials of the Cafe/Owner on its apparel and other Club documentation on a perpetual and royalty-free basis.
• The Cafe/Owner will honour the terms of any Ride Voucher. A Ride Voucher will entitle the holder to purchase food and drink in the Cafe to the face value of the Voucher at a 10% discount to the usual Cafe price. Each Ride Voucher will be valid for at least 6 months.
• The Cafe/Owner will provide such additional benefits to Members as he/she shall agree with the Panel on behalf of the Club on such terms and conditions as shall be agreed.